Becoming Rational – Introduction

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Every day you are faced with having to make decisions that directly impact your future, whether it is your business, household, relationship, friendships, education, etc… all aspects of your life require you to make a decision, and we’d all agree that we’d like to consider ourselves as having made a rational decision. But how can you tell if it’s truly a rational decision? Would it be surprising to know what rational thought is actually incredibly difficult to come by because it requires separating your emotional perspective. Emotional perspective, or previous experience can prevent us from making mistakes twice, but they can also cause us to see decisions through an irrational lens.


What is the Irrationality? Irrationality is a facet of human nature that hinders our ability to grow by blinding us with our own emotions. In order to make rational decisions one must master the emotional self in order to understand if any given decision is ACTUALLY in service of the goal or greater good, or if this decision is only self-serving.


Rationality requires practice to identify your biases and reviewing all thought and decision from every angle.


In this blog series we will go over the steps to bringing out your rational self. Understanding the different types of bias and how to counter them, being aware of inflaming factors the hinder rational thought, and reflecting of yourself. All of these play a part in your decision making for your business to ensure you are meeting the true growth plan of your business.

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