Customer Retention Matters

Customer Retention

Customer retention is often the last thing business prioritize. However, many small business are primarily referral based, interesting. Your business is 90% referral business but you don't have a customer retention plan. You're missing out on many things.

Today's customers have actually a broad level of expectations. Customers expect everything from the terrible automated touch-tone phone maze to continuous text messaging follow ups. Surprisingly customer have a high tolerance because they've be so abused and different industry/profession standards and expectations.

Where does your business fall into this category? Do you follow up with your clients post purchase to review customer; you should be. You want those reviews and it needs to be super easy for them to give them to you. Is your time valuable? So's everyone else. Ensure it's easy or compensate them for their time. Many customers are unwilling to jump through hoops to provide reviews or feedback. That's often why reviews are either really good or really bad. It takes an increase in motivation for customers to leave reviews because of the effort often required.

Does your business not ask for feedback? I've worked for seemingly successful organizations/companies that never ask "how'd we do?". This was often because the lead on the project either didn't care or was terrified of what they might say. Preferred to leave the customer in a place where they really wanted to say something but were never allowed the opportunity to do so. The organization could never understand why they were so upset at the end of most projects and are losing business to competitors and future business. Don't only listen to your staff, listen to your customers too.

Feedback is essential to success. Not obtaining feedback is not doing you any good. Just because a non-negative review has not been receive doesn't mean you're offering the best service.

Email campaigns are a great way to follow up with clients to obtain feedback, reviews, and company notifications. This is an expectation with all companies. Sending these notifications show professionalism, care, and desire for customer engagement.

Why don't you like receiving emails? Are the emails useful or beneficial? Then they're  often seen as annoying if they're not. Make sure your content is useful, relative, and beneficial to the reader. Email campaigning is similar to a webpage. Just because you have one does mean it's doing you any good. Allow customer to subscribe and unsubscribe.

If you don't have an email campaign Violet Services can help. Connect with us to learn more about tailoring and designing your email campaign. Want to do it yourself and just need a place? Head on over to There you can perform and design your own email campaigns. You may always call us if you need help.

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