Employees of Business

We're all employees of business and have a role to play. We impact employees of businessbusinesses around our business and the relationship we have is vital for our success. When choosing to do business or work with contractors we look for the same or similar qualities as we do our employees. Work ethics, dynamics, long-term, productivity, and more. Looking to determine who to do business with is just as important and has the same impact on our business.

When looking to do business with another business keep this idea in-mind. Most are already doing it but might not be considering the long-term relationship. It's important to consider the long game since you do plan to be around a while. Maybe the service or product is short term but what about maintenance, update, or continued service? Well, sometimes the first purchase is a trial. Review the possibility that you'll want to consider their service or product again in the future and that your relationship is important.

Partnering with other businesses. Look at what you do or need from other businesses as partnerships. For example if you're a contractor you have many businesses that are here to help. You have a website business, bank, business cards, and more. All these businesses work together to help you, the contractor, succeed. It's in our best interest to provide the best results possible to ensure your success. If you succeed we succeed.

When we do business we look at every single client as an extension of our business. If we do work for your business we want to know your business is going to succeed with our products and services, otherwise, we're not a good fit, as they say. If we don't believe we're the best option for your business we'll let you know. It does us no good to provide a product or service that's not going to meet your company's expectations.

A quick sale might seem like great results but an unhappy customer provides even greater results: poor reputation.

When considering websites, PLM, or consulting for your company's next level think of us. We want you to succeed. Let us help you get there.

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Websites start at $2000 and up. What's included:

Common content pages:

  • Home Page

    • Image and Content Included. Brief introduction to your business.

  • About Us

    • Image and Content Included. Brief instruction about your business.

  • Contact Us

    • Contact us form for easier customer communication.

  • Gallery or Portfolio

    • Images or content provided to illustrate your work.

  • Services or Products

    • Images and Content Included. Brief overview of each product and or service you provide.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

  • Each page is embedded with keywords and
  • Meta data to ensure your business is found in Search Engines.

Blog Add-On $250

  • Email Integration - Send an email with content and have it automatically post to your website and appear on Social Media.
  • Common blog post layout.

What's Covered in the Monthly Maintenance:

  • SSL (Secured Site Certificate)
  • Continual Updates
  • Malware protection
  • Hosting Services
  • 24/7 Support
  • Site Backups
  • Integration Maintenance
  • 98% Site Up Time
  • Weekly Google Analytic Site Performance Data

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