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Today's technologies have made it way too easy for soliciting calls. Answering non-beneficial soliciting calls are a direct impact to your overhead. Answering the phone may not always be non-value add but is almost always a non-billable activity.

A simple phone service that adds even a simple touchtone selection will ween out ~80% of your false calls. We've come to the point where we can't even have a phone due to how many calls we receive.

How much time do you lose by interruptions do to false calls? What if you could be rarely interrupted unless it's something actionable? Most small service companies are of the phone for about 2-4hrs a day. If you were planning on working an 8hr day you just spent half your day answering the phone! That's great if your business is answering phones.

How did we overcome this challenge?

Additional lines dedicated to customer facing numbers. There're many options available. Complete second lines, digital lines, or complete answering services.

Most of us (customers) do not want to talk to a robot, "Human Please". The larger the organization the worse their answering service is. To provide a good service your business needs to be responsive and receptive and you too can benefit from technologies to counteract the technologies that are used to solicit your business.

Digital lines are the more affordable and common options. Digital lines can't completely stop solicitation calls but you can at least set the phone to only ring during specific hours of operation. And, solicitation services obtain the number for the digital line and not your cell.

Dedicated answering service may be beneficial if your business primarily receives calls for business vs email or website submissions. These services are not perfect but a great solution for many businesses. Not that you can, but, try and think about what you could accomplish if you didn't need to answer your phone.

Connect with us today about trying out an answering service for your business. You can acquire use our block hours to establish a service.

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