Paying It Forward

When unfortunate circumstances occur it can be nice to receive. We received notification from a business partner, JWS Remodel, that a young boy, age 11, had his bicycle stolen while playing basket ball.

His mother sent out a notice on Social Media requesting information to the whereabouts of her son's bicycle. No response to where, it was looking like the bike was a loss, as these situations often are.

JWS Remodel and Violet Services teamed up and decided to replace the bicycle.

Johnny received one of the nicer BMX bicycles available from The Bonney Lake Bicycle Shop with a new lock to go with it.

Jennifer, Johnny's mother, was quite shocked to receive notification that her son's bicycle was to be replace with a new one.

Meeting Johnny in the driveway it was a mix of emotions: confusion, surprise, and excitement. A shared moment of emotion it was nice to see Johnny receive a new bicycle and learn about paying it forward.

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